Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Life

Hello my friends..2 weeks holidays is over..
I don't think that 2 weeks is enough for me but I still have to accept this..
One week before holiday I went to Cameron highland with my lovely family =)
We had alot of fun and felt so happy because I really miss the place where I leave at..The cold wind make me feel nice..But rain make me feel bad
SPM is coming soon..I havent get well prepare yet..So how am i going to face this?
I already give up..I dont want to study anymore xD But of course I need to do past year questions..I believe that do more past year question will help me to improve the result as well..
During the holidays..I went to TS and watched Kungfu panda 2 and also The pirates of the caribbean..the movie is nice and nice..haha..Both of the movies got a little bit funny
I also went to Genting with my Hub..We spend over 200 ringgit at there but that was the 1st time we go to genting..So its ok..we can earn back the money easily but we cannot buy happiness =)
I love bumber boat very much~♥ It brings me alot of fun..yeapii
1 day before the school reopen..I went to sunway with him just to watch X-Men..
It is also a nice movie but I dislike the ending of the story =(
another thing to say..daddy bought an IPAD2..it is cool..Daddy can give me everything so I have to study harder and make him proud..I am his only daughter..
I wish I could be their daughter forever and ever..I love THEM very much ♥
Tadaa..Back to school life again..nothing special but I have a gang of friends..my beloved..haha
Thats all for my UPDATED..
Singing off..ByeBye
I show one of my latest picture..Be smile ^^


Sunday, April 17, 2011



Saturday, April 16, 2011


I just started to join nuffnang for earning some money..
can you all do me a favour?
its just a few simple steps..click into the nuffnand advertisement at my sidebar..
after that u are able to close the window or tab..
Very thank you if you do so..I will keep on update my blog at least twice in a week..
I'm going to bath because I need to join my family for meal..
Tata..Signing off..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Just to intro my new life [SPM year]
I'm going to sit on the SPM examamination..
and I dont think so that I can score straight A
But I'm sure that I will try my best to get my target 7As in SPM
I'm forced to get it so that I can enter the University according to the Entry Requirements
I have to get 5 credits and above..So I have to work harder and push myself to the max..
And I'm going to use Tumblr and twitter..teehee
Signing off..Bye